Corona Virus Update

Updated Scheduling Protocols for Physical Distancing:

  1. In order to physically distance our patients we are staggering our patient arrivals as well as limiting the number of patients seen in the office.
  2. Patients will be asked a series of questions as part of our Wellness Screening prior to your visit as well as on the day of your visit.
  3. On the day of your visit, please brush your teeth prior to the appointment and arrive in the parking lot 5 minutes early.
  4. Please wear a mask when entering our building.
  5. Children should be accompanied by one adult to check-in. We are asking that only the patient enter the office in order to help us limit the number of people in the office..
  6. Children will leave their appointment with a pre-scheduled next visit. Please contact our office if you need to reschedule this visit.

Updated Infection Control Protocols:

  1. The CDC and Cal/OSHA have recommended N95 masks to be worn during certain procedures that generate aerosol. Orthodontic procedures that produce a small amount of aerosol are those that require the use of a dental high speed handpience: removing brackets (including bracket repair) and removing Invisalign attachments. We are limiting these procedures to a separate area of the office. This makes it critical to know in advance if patients have a broken bracket prior to scheduling their visit.
  2. We have acquired a new piece of equipment to reduce the aerosol produced during certain procedures.
  3. We have an additional HEPA air filter rated for double our current square footage in our main clinic area.
  4. Staff are undergoing daily Wellness Screenings and having their temperature checked. Clinical team members are also using a full face shield in addition to Level 3 mask/N95 masks.
  5. Our office has always maintained the highest level of sterilization and infection control. The main changes you will see in our office is the new Wellness Screening process. Making sure we are not seeing symptomatic patients is our first line of defense.


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