How to Use Your Home Care Kit

Congratulations on your new braces! Here’s what’s in your home care kit:

Travel toothpaste – a great fluoride containing toothpaste for on the go brushing

Orthodontic wax – great for covering irritants like hooks and poking wires, here’s a video tutorial

Floss Threaders – makes flossing around braces a little easier

Travel toothbrush – handy for brushing between meals

Proxabrush – helps with removing food trapped underneath the wire when there isn’t enough time to brush

Plackers Flosser – a specially designed flosser to fit around braces

Disclosing tablet – if you’re not sure how well you’re brushing, this reveals areas you might be missing

Floss – during treatment, spaces may open between teeth as a normal process of alignment; these spaces can trap food resulting in cavities so it’s best to floss every night

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