Retainer Virtual Check-In

Let’s keep your smile on track!  This month you have a virtual check-in. We are asking for a few photographs and comments about your treatment to be emailed on or before the date of your scheduled virtual check-in. You will receive feedback via email from Dr. Baird regarding the next steps in follow-up for your retainers.

  1. Hours retainers worn per day:
  2. Days retainers worn per week:
  3. Assessment of retainer fit: Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor
  4. Assessment of retainer condition/integrity: Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor
  5. Anything you’d like to share?

Please include the following photographs:

  1. Without retainers: Close up smiling photo, biting down
  2. Without retainers: Close up of teeth edge to edge with lower incisor visible
  3. Without retainers: View of the lower teeth from above
  4. With retainers in place: Close up of teeth
  5. Photos of retainers to check for wear/cracks

The photographs do not need to be perfect.  Good lighting helps. It will allow me to send you feedback individually and to determine how best to schedule your next appointment.

Please send responses to our secure email.


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