Invisalign Virtual Check-In

Let’s keep your smile on track!  This month you have a virtual check-in. We are asking for a few photographs and comments about your treatment to be emailed on or before the date of your scheduled virtual check-in. You will receive feedback via email from Dr. Baird regarding the next steps in your treatment.

You may have already downloaded the My Invisalign app and submitted photos using the Virtual Care feature. For this Check-In I would like a few additional photos to give me a more detailed understanding of how your treatment is progressing.

Please share all photos and responses to our secure email.

    Which tray are you currently wearing and when did you start this tray?
    How would you rate your aligner wear on a scale of 1-10, 10 being 22 hours per day:
    Assessment of aligner fit: Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor
    Are there any areas where it is tight to floss around crowded teeth?
    If you are wearing elastics: Do you have enough? How well are you wearing them?
    Assessment of aligner integrity: Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor
    Anything else you would like to add regarding your treatment?

Please include the following photographs:

    Without aligners: Close up smiling photo, biting down
    Without aligners: Close up of teeth edge to edge with lower incisor visible
    With aligners in place: Close up of teeth edge to edge with lower incisors visible
    If you are wearing elastics, a close up photo of teeth biting down without aligners of the side you wear elastics
    Any additional photo if you are having a question/concern (cracked tray or specific area of concern)

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