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"Excellent service, great staff and office environment. The whole Invisalign® process was efficient and a great exerpience. Highly recommend!" - Lori A. Google Review

"My Invisalign® experience with Dr. Baird was fantastic!  We weorked together to make sure I liked the way my teeth looked, and we continued to make adjustments along the way.  Since I travel a lot, I was able to make my visits fit my schedule." - Jasmine Z, Google Review

"Dr. Baird is an excellent orthodontist. Her staff is always friendly, helping and organized. My Invisalign® journey was so smooth and painless. Thank you Dr. Baird & all your amazing staff in the office!" - Ketaki H, Google Review

We are proud of Dr. Baird's role in advancing her specialty.  Dr. Baird's involvement in education, research and leadership make her one of the top Invisalign® providers in the world. In 2023 she taught at over 20 Orthodontic continuing education events, most of which were two day courses! (Align Technology is the company behind Invisalign®):

  • Course Director for "Clear Aligner Education", Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
  • Align Technology Advisory Board, 2022 to Present
  • Align Technology Research and Development Advisory Board, 2022 to Present
  • Align Technology North America Faculty Member

Dr. Baird is passionate about providing the most comfortable and clinically effective treatment plans. Here are some of the reasons why she recommends Invisalign® for her patinets. 

Why Invisalign treatment?

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  • Comfort: Invisalign clear aligner trays are not only smooth and comfortable to wear, but they’re also removable. That means you can continue doing all the things you normally would, from brushing and flossing to eating whatever you like.
  • Shorter treatment: Our Invisalign® patients finish 4-6 months faster than traditional braces patients. This is because we can use the entire surface of the teeth for maximum control and efficiency, rather than just the outside surface (like with braces)
  • Convenience: Our Invisalign® patients visit our office every 16 weeks.  They have half the number of total office visits as our braces patients, which need to be seen every 8 weeks to adjust their wires.  This is because you get to change your aligners weekly at home! We ask our patients to send progress photos through the My Invisalign App so we can keep treatment on track.
  • Faster treatment: With weekly aligner changes, you’re on your way to the smile you want even faster. Depending on your response to treatment, particularly in mature adults, we may consider longer periods between aligner changes.
  • Effective: Invisalign clear aligners can treat a wide range of teeth-straightening conditions, including crossbites, crowding, open bites, gapped teeth, overbites, and underbites.
  • Virtually invisible: Most people won’t even know you’re going through treatment, because Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible!

The Invisalign Treatment Process

Your First Consultation

At your initial consultation, we will discuss your orthodontic needs and evaluate whether Invisalign treatment is right for you.

Your Custom Treatment Plan

We will use a scanner such as the iTero® digital scanning system to create fast, precise 3D digital images of your teeth. Then we will map out a precise treatment plan, including the exact movements of your teeth and how long your treatment will be. You’ll even get to see how your teeth will move and preview your new smile.

Your Invisalign Clear Aligners

Your custom-made aligners will be made of Invisalign’s proprietary SmartTrack® material. They’re virtually invisible, so most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them during your teeth straightening.

Wear your Invisalign clear aligners 20 to 22 hours a day for the best results, and take them out only to eat, brush, and floss.

Your Progress

As you wear each set of aligners, your teeth will gently and gradually shift into place. We may recommend that you begin wearing a new set of aligners every week and schedule checkups every six weeks or so.

Taking Care of Your New Smile

When your treatment is complete, ask us about a Vivera® retainer. Vivera retainers are custom-made using the same state-of-the-art technology as Invisalign clear aligners.

To learn more about the Invisalign system and all your orthodontic treatment options, please feel free to schedule an appointment at our office. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a smile that’s made to move!


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