What Sets Us Apart

Advanced, Personalized Orthodontics: For the Best Experience and Your Most Amazing Smile!

At Baird Orthodontics, Dr. Marta Baird and our team know how straightening teeth can both beautify a smile and transform a person’s life.

When an individual dislikes the appearance of their teeth, that can affect their self-esteem and lead them to feel uncomfortable around others. Many of our patients start treatment feeling this way, and that can cause them to be withdrawn and uncertain around their peers and colleagues.

Once a patient starts orthodontic treatment, from visit-to-visit we watch them transform as they see the change in their appearance and start to feel at ease with how their teeth look. Our patient begins to smile more readily, without hiding their teeth, and is more open and relaxed in their interactions with us and with their peers, classmates, and colleagues.

By the time treatment is complete, each of our patients has straight and healthy teeth, a good bite, and a beautiful smile that radiates confidence. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, Dr. Baird and our team would be honored to help you achieve the smile you desire!

What’s Different at Baird Orthodontics?

At Baird Orthodontics, our team’s vision is to provide an exceptional, personalized orthodontic experience in every way.

We want each of our patients to:

  • Be informed and engaged with their treatment
  • Know they are safe, heard, and valued
  • Feel confident in their treatment and the care we provide
  • Understand that we are here to serve and help them

Dr. Baird, a board-certified orthodontist, utilizes leading-edge techniques and innovative technology throughout the orthodontic process. From initial diagnostics through detailed treatment planning and treatment, she constantly assesses patient progress and makes the crucial adjustments needed for the ideal results.

She and our team are concerned about each patient as an individual and dedicate time to building communication. We walk every patient through their diagnosis, treatment options, and, once treatment begins, what we are doing and why. We know that when a patient is actively engaged in treatment, they are more apt to keep up on their home care and are vested in the results.

With all of us – Dr. Baird, our staff, our patient (and their family if they are younger) – working together, we achieve incredible, life-changing smiles!

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Dr. Baird and our team consider it a privilege to serve our patients with compassion and dedication to excellence in orthodontic care; we would be honored to help you achieve your best smile! Please schedule an initial, complimentary consultation at our Pleasanton, CA orthodontic office to learn more, today!

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