Virtual Patient Care App

Throughout your Invisalign treatment, Virtual Care technology is designed to allow Dr. Baird to monitor your progress remotely.  By sharing photos you take of yourself from home on your phone, Dr. Baird can help you keep your smile on track.

Step 1) Download the My Invisalign app

Step 2) Accept terms and conditions and turn on notifications. The app will send reminders when it’s time to submit photos to us and also notify you when we’ve responded with feedback on your progress.

Step 3) When it’s time to take progress photos you’ll need a new things.

You’ll need your current tray of aligners, the ones you’ve been wearing for the past week.

You’ll also need cheek retractors or spoons to pull back your cheeks.

You may need a partner to help with taking the photos.


Once you’ve taken the 3 photos and 1 short video showing your smile from all angles, you can review and submit.

Dr. Baird will then review everything and send occasional feedback on your progress to let you know how it’s going.  You probably won’t get feedback on every weekly submission  but you can expect to hear from her at least once/month.

Note on photographs: The app does not state whether or not the teeth should be together or apart during the photos. It is most helpful to Dr. Baird for all photos except smiling to be taken with teeth slightly apart (both aligners in and aligners out). The video is with teeth together. We have found that retractors are not essential to get the information. We are working to find a way to provide retractors to our existing and new patients in the future.

Two things I noticed when using the app: 1)Once you accept enrollment you may need to exit and re-enter the app for access to the feature. 2) Be sure to use the selfie side of the phone, high resolution images using the back of the phone camera do not load as well. Also, if it is uploading your photos, do not close the app, the photos are not stored on your camera and you will need to re-take them again. 3) Look for good lighting to improve the quality of the photo.

A PDF guide for patients provided by Invisalign:

Virtual Care Patient Guide

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